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About Swift Copy

I work with individuals, entrepreneurs, and marketing executives to create compelling, effective content that reflects each brand's unique voice.


My mission is to make working with a writer painless and rewarding.

Industry Expertise

Over the years, I have partnered with industry-leading firms such as Adobe, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Subway, and Avon, as well as many midsize companies and start-ups. I have navigated many sectors to deliver content that not only resonates but drives results. My writing samples showcase work that meets and consistently exceeds client expectations.

Swift Philosophy

I operate under three pillars of business:

  • Superior client service

  • Outstanding content

  • Swift turnaround

A Commitment to Results

Copywriting and content creation are tools to drive action, engagement, and transformation. I use industry best practices to achieve measurable results for my clients, whether it's increased conversions, heightened brand awareness, or elevated audience engagement. My content is rooted in research, psychology, and lived experience. 

A Unique Background

My public relations, marketing, and sales background sets me apart from other copywriters. I didn’t start as a writer but transitioned to writing after a successful career in roles like PR account manager, media relations specialist, and district sales manager. I am also a multi-published tech author and travel writer. 

About Robin Noelle

This one time in Mexico...

I’m Robin Noelle, copywriter and writing coach.

I started my freelance writing career when I found myself dead broke in Mexico with nothing but a laptop and internet connection to my name. Long story. 

It’s true. You’ve stumbled upon possibly the only swashbuckling, jungle adventuring, business copywriter and writing coach on the internet. 

Without two pesos to rub together, I built a time-tested career as a professional writer. I’ve authored multiple non-fiction books from major imprints, a multitude of magazine and blog articles, and I have written for marketing and PR for some of the largest agencies and companies in the world. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients express themselves, build better brands, and find success. 


Just like you and your business, I’m one-of-a-kind.

I’m also a huge word nerd, like the kind who reads the dictionary for fun. Yeah, I was that kid. 

I can’t help it. I’m passionate about the power of language. 

But what sets me apart from other copywriters and writing coaches isn’t my obsession with the thesaurus; it’s my extensive experience in sales, marketing, media relations, and publishing.

Robin Noelle Swift Copy and Coaching


I have written professionally for sales, marketing, and public relations for over two decades.

Beautiful copy is terrific, but persuasive copywriting is better.  

How about both?

Whether you want to sell a product, service, or yourself, I have a keen sense of what makes people tick. 

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